Drive Firmware

Drive Firmware Downloads

Update only if directed to do so by Tech Support!

Sony Optiarc AD5280 Update

Version 1.Z8 (SDK Password Required!)

Sony Optiarc AD5280 Update Version 1.Z6 (SDK Password Required!)
Sony Optiarc AD5260 Update Version 1.Z50 (SDK Password Required!)

Pioneer DVR-216 Update Version 9.08
Pioneer DVR-215 Update Version 9.13
Pioneer DVR-115 Update Version 9.13
Pioneer DVR-112 Update Version 9.15*
Pioneer DVR-111 Update Version 9.29*
Pioneer DVR-108 Update Version 9.18
Pioneer DVR-107 Update Version 9.21

Plextor 716A Update (DVD) Version 1.10 (PC) **
Plextor 716A Update (DVD MAC) Version 1.10 (MAC) **
Plextor 230A Update (CD) Version 1.02 (PC) **

Panasonic SW 5583 Blu-ray Version P1
Panasonic SW 5584 Blu-ray Version P1

Pioneer BDR 206DBK Blu-ray(9.06) Version 9.06 - Release Notes
Pioneer BDR 206DBK Blu-ray(9.56) Version 9.56 - Release Notes
Pioneer BDR 206BK Blu-ray Version 9.06 - Release Notes
Pioneer BDR 205 Blu-ray Version 9.11 - Release Notes

eSata Card Drivers and Instructions

32bit Blu-ray eSATA Card Driver Windows XP-Vista-7 - 32bit - Instructions
64bit Blu-ray eSATA Card Driver Windows XP-Vista-7 - 64bit - Instructions
Card Bios Update (Windows) Version 7703 - Update via Device Manager
Mac Blu-ray eSATA Card Driver 10.5/10.6/10.7- Run the mpkg file to install
eSATA Card Installation Instructions PDF -399KB

*If your unit serial number is between 2070301254 and 2070501439 you may not be able to update using these utilities, please contact Technical Support for instructions on updating the firmware via an IDE connection.

**Please Note: When updating multiple drive units, you will need to run the updater multiple times to update all drives in the unit.