Signature III CD-R Color Printer Drivers

Windows NTv4*
Signature III CD/DVD Color Printer Driver Version 2.0.02
*When installing this driver, be sure to disable the option labeled, "Automatically detect my Plug and Play Printer." This driver was developed and tested for Windows NTv4. Although this driver may function on some Windows 2000 and Windows XP on some systems, please be aware that configuration is neither tested nor supported.
Windows 98/Me
Signature III Printer Driver version 2.0.1
32-Bit Print Spooler
32-Bit Spooler Version 4.1.0
This application queues print jobs and can be used to send pre-formatted PRN printer files to a printer. This application can also be used to query ink levels and determine the number of discs that may be printed before receiving a low-ink warning. This application functions under Windows 98, and Windows Me.