Comments about Bravo Disc Publishers from Primera

Customer Comments

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"Good product." (Bravo SE)

"I simply love it." (Bravo 4100)

"We used an older Primera Signature (CD/DVD) Printer for almost 15 years and had good success. I'm glad to purchase your product again." (Bravo 4100)

"It's awesome." (Bravo SE)

"I absolutely love this product." (Bravo SE)

"The print time is light-speed fast and the ink dries immediately!" (Bravo 4101)

"A work associate recommended your product." (Bravo SE)

"Someone from (the reseller) I called recommended your product when I told them what I was looking for." (Bravo 4150)

"I like that it is so easy to use." (Bravo SE)

"I really like your product for its efficiency, ease of operation, portability and quality." (Bravo SE)

"I am extremely happy with my Bravo SE and would purchase Primera again when ready to get another disc publisher." (Bravo SE)

"It is perfect for my needs." (Bravo 4051)

"Got a Primera disc burner about 9 years ago. This is our third Primera product. They've all worked really well." (Bravo SE)

"I love it." (Bravo 4100)

"Very nice device." (Bravo SE)

"Works good!" (Bravo 4100)

"I am very, very, very satisfied." (Bravo 4102)

"We are enjoying our printer and when we did have a problem the customer service rep I spoke with was fantastic. He was responsive and knew what he was talking about. His customer service showed us that Primera was a company that stood by their product and cared about the customer experience." (LX900)

"An excellent product." (Bravo SE)

"It was suggested to me by a mutual friend in the industry." (Bravo SE)

"It is a true plug-and-play device. Even the packaging was well thought out." (Bravo 4101)

"Love it so far!" (Bravo SE)

"I like the machine. It does what I want." (Bravo SE)

"The installation and the use is easy to understand." (Bravo 4102)

"It was very straight-forward to set-up and use." (Bravo SE)

"We are so excited that we have recovered the cost of the printer in the first three months of using it!" (LX900)

"The print is good and it is fast. The previous (competitor's name removed) we had went through ink cartridges too rapidly. I think that's because we used it so infrequently. I always did two or three prints before I could get one that was good enough to give to a customer. With the Primera, even if it hasn't been used in a month the first print is always good. I'm still using the first ink cartridge I put in." (Bravo SE)

"I have been a user of Primera for ten years." (Bravo 4102)

"The speed is wonderful. The new ink tanks should reduce the cost of printing." (Bravo 4102)

"I really hope this works better than our last (competitor's name removed) disc publisher!" (Bravo SE)

"I had a (competitor's name removed) that fed discs by gravity. It was terrible." (Bravo 4102)

"Some of our A/V people recommended your unit." (Bravo 4101)

"We had two Primera Bravos before." (Bravo 4102)

"…nice speed, print quality, design and very nice effect of the blue light!" (Bravo 4101)

"We have been using Primera for years." (Bravo 4102)

"Thank you for such a great tech support program." (Bravo SE Blu)

"It was highly recommended to me." (Bravo 4100 AutoPrinter)

"This had better work better than the (competitor's name removed) that I had before." (Bravo 4100 AutoPrinter).

"Fire and forget. Come back and the job is done." (Bravo SE)

"It's working great at the moment. I believe I will enjoy this for a long time!" (Bravo 4102)

"I love this machine. I owned a (competitor's name removed) and what a nightmare. The (competitor's name removed) is sitting off to the side and I probably will sell it to anyone willing to take it off of my hands. The (competitor's name removed) company wanted almost as much for their software update as your machine cost. I couldn't be happier with the Primera Bravo SE."

"The Primera I have just bought is fantastic. The quality of the print is second to none." (Bravo 4101)

"Easy to install and use." (Bravo SE)

"These two 4102's are my 5th generation of Primera CD/DVD printers." (Bravo 4102)

"This is my third Bravo duplicator." (Bravo SE)

"Great machine!" (Bravo SE)

"It is SO fast. I also like the four individual colors. The ink lasts a long time." (Bravo 4102)

"You offer superb service."

"Excellent unit. I'm using a Mac with it." (Bravo SE)

"Excellent product." (Bravo SE)

"Great printer…love the speed!" (Bravo 4100)

"It's very easy to use." (Bravo 4100)

"We are very happy about our new (Bravo 4101) for publishing CDs. It is fast and reliable."

"The product is very good. My first 500 DVDs are perfect." (Bravo 4102)

"It's a fantastic product." (Bravo SE)

"Thanks for a great product." (Bravo SE)

"I've been using your products for several years and they've been flawless." (Bravo 4102)

"The Bravo XR and PTPublisher are a great set of tools." (Bravo XR)

"GREAT MACHINE! So far it is handling everything I need it to do." (Bravo SE)

"I'm impressed!" (Bravo SE)

"Works great." (Bravo 4102)

"Great machine." (Bravo SE)

"Good product!" (Bravo 4102)

"I have owned several generations of Bravo and love your products. Your support people do a good job and are very understanding." (Bravo SE)

"I owned a Bravo II for many years. I now own a Bravo 4100."

"This thing is great – I'm going to need another one soon!" (Bravo SE)

"I had a Bravo II for several years. The improvements to the SE software and design are impressive." (Bravo SE)

"I've only had it a month but it has worked perfectly so far. I had a brief communication problem with Windows 7 updates but your tech support helped me clear it up in a few minutes." (Bravo SE)

"It has been a great workhorse and time-saver! I especially like the printing capability and so do my customers." (Bravo 4101)

"Your customer service and tech support are always helpful and very fast response time." (Bravo SE)

"I am enjoying the speed at which the discs are produced and the fact that the inks do not smear." (Bravo 4102)

"I called your customer service with a robot issue. The tech fixed it over the phone with a remote login. Excellent! Keep producing quality products." (Bravo 4102)

"The product is excellent." (Bravo SE)

"I am satisfied with your product. It is easy to use. Thanks for making a solid product. I have never owned anything from Primera before; I received the printer as a gift." (Bravo SE)

"It works great for what I need it for. I am super happy." (Bravo SE)

"Your customer support is wonderful." (Bravo 4102)

"Nice product. Online resellers (Amazon, Summation and others) really turned me on to your product." (Bravo SE)

"We have called your help line and they are very responsive and helpful." (Bravo SE)

"It is very easy to operate." (Bravo SE)

"I've been a long time Primera customer. My first printer was a Bravo II." (Bravo 4100 AutoPrinter).

"You have fantastic products." (Bravo 4101)

"I'm VERY SATISFIED; I was using a (competitor's name removed). I'm in heaven with Primera." (Bravo SE)

"I love it. Your product was recommended to me by a colleague at the university where I work. He used one at his former position." (Bravo 4101)

"I love the fact that your products are manufactured in the USA." (Bravo SE)

"I am very satisfied with my new Bravo 4102 XRP Blu-ray Disc Publisher. It worked right away with no problems. It is FAST – so fast that it is fun to watch it work. This is my third duplicator that I have purchased from you."

"No more scratched discs like on my (competitor's name removed)." (Bravo SE)

"Outstanding." (Bravo SE)

"This is our second Primera machine. We are very happy with them." (Bravo SE)

"I absolutely LOVE this machine!" (Bravo SE)

"Great device!" (Bravo SE)

"Have used Primera products before and they have always performed up to and beyond expectations." (Bravo 4100 AutoPrinter)

"I am very satisfied with my new Primera machine. Everything is working as expected." (Bravo SE)

"It has been a wonderful tool and relieves me from having to insert every single DVD to be printed. It has already enabled me to meet a couple of unexpected urgent requests." (Bravo 4100 AutoPrinter)

"It works great." (Bravo SE)

"This machine is so much better than our previous unit. Our previous unit took over 10 minutes to burn and print a DVD. This unit dropped that to about 2 minutes." (Bravo 4102)

"This is a great product." (Bravo SE)

"I am very satisfied with my new disc publisher." (Bravo 4101)

"The product specification described on your website matches exactly what I was expecting from the product. I am very satisfied." (Bravo 4102)

"It works perfectly!" (Bravo 4051)

"Works just as expected and has saved us a lot of time." (Bravo SE)

"I like the new design. It has much faster processing and printing times." (Bravo 4102)

"This is our second unit. We love your products." (Bravo 4102)

"We are very happy with our new (Bravo 4101) duplicator."

"My Bravo 4102 is fast, quiet and reliable. Even the (Bravo) model we purchased many years ago still works and is seriously reliable." (Bravo 4102)

"Very happy with my purchase." (Bravo 4102)

"I love the speed and quality of prints. The blue light is pretty cool, too." (Bravo 4101)

"We asked our vendors which printer they used. We had two previous disc printers (not Primera!) that both quit working within months." (Bravo SE)

"I researched disc publishers for my music department and made the decision that Primera was the best both in cost and reliability. I knew when I decided one for myself that Primera was the one I wanted. I did not hesitate." (Bravo SE)

"It is a great product." (Bravo SE)

"I’ve been very happy with my Bravo SE. But what I’ve found even more satisfying is the service that Primera gives…truly, throughout my dealings with companies I’ve not found one with better technical support than Primera. Every time I have a question or a problem you guys give it your utmost attention and walk me through. Thanks!" (Bravo SE)

"I’m very satisfied with my new Bravo 4102. It is much faster than our old Bravo II." (Bravo 4102)

"I found you on EBay. I bought one but it had some damage. I mailed it to you and you very quickly repaired it and mailed it back. That earned my loyalty and support!" (Bravo SE)

"Fantastic disc printer with excellent quality." (Bravo 4100)

"We are very satisfied with our Bravo 4101. It does exactly what we want it to do. It is also very easy to use!" (Bravo 4101)

"Great product. Thanks, Primera!" (Bravo SE)

"I LOVE THIS MACHINE!" (Bravo 4102)

"This is our third model from Primera. We have been very satisfied with all of your products." (Bravo 4100)

"I really enjoy my Bravo duplicator. I think it is a fantastic piece of equipment." (Bravo 4102)

"I had used a BravoPro for years and can definitely see the increase in speed." (Bravo 4102)

"The size, ease of use and capabilities of the device, along with the price, are hard to improve upon." (Bravo 4102)

"It is a great time saver for me. I have lots of short runs of CD/DVD duplication jobs for our plants. The 4101 knocks them out while I am working on other projects." (Bravo 4101)

"This machine is very good." (Bravo SE)

"Very easy to use. Well-guided set-up." (Bravo SE)

"It works well and the software is easy to use." (Bravo SE)

"It performs exactly as you advertise. The print quality is amazing and the disc burner works quickly and accurately. So far I have burned and printed around 200 discs with no coasters!" (Bravo SE)

"Set-up was a snap!" (Bravo SE)

"We've been very happy with our Bravo SE. It has been a great improvement over our old (competitor's name removed)."

"It has been a great help in saving time and efforts." (Bravo 4102)

"You have a GREAT company!" (Bravo SE)

"It's awesome!" (Bravo SE)

"This is the second Bravo product that I have owned, my first being the Bravo II which I recently had you refurbish. I love the 4100; it is FAST! (Bravo 4100)

"It is a reliable product that I can count on for my daily needs. I'm also very pleased with your customer support." (Bravo 4102)

"I'm more than happy – as I was with your Bravo II which served me well for many years. I am a return customer." (Bravo SE)

"This many-year user of Primera's Bravo products is happy to have a new Bravo SE!

"Your Bravo SE is without a doubt the best disc printer/burner on the market. It has totally changed and enhanced the way I do business. Coming from a (competitor's name removed) to yours is like a breath of fresh air. Never have I been as pleased with a product. The quality of the appearance of my DVDs is off the charts! Have not had one problem with the unit after almost two years of fairly heavy service. The discs are spectacular! Just wanted to let you know how good this product is as I am sure you hear when things don't go right for someone. Keep up the good work!" (Bravo SE)

"Great product." (Bravo 4102)

"Our Bravo Xi2 will be used to burn police videos to DVD to be stored in evidence."

"I love my disc publisher!" (Bravo Xi2)

"This is my second Primera unit. My first one is the original Bravo." (Bravo 4102)

"I am a return customer." (Bravo 4102)

"I am very satisfied with your new product." (Bravo 4101)

"I LOVE IT!" (Bravo 4102)

"We are a current customer and this is our second unit." (Bravo SE)

"From the time I plugged it in until I finished printing the last of 500 discs, it has worked flawlessly." (Bravo SE)

"It's just what we need and works like a charm!" (Bravo SE)

"It works great. It does what I want." (Bravo SE)

"I am adding this as our second machine; we already have a BravoPro." (Bravo 4100)

"Great new software – thank you!" (BravoPro)

'Thank you for coming out with your own Mac software!" (Bravo SE)

"Great machine." (Bravo SE)

"Nice device." (Bravo SE)

"Good device. This is my second one." (BravoPro Xi2)

"I was told (by a friend) that yours was the most reliable." (Bravo SE)

"I am delighted with it." (Bravo SE)

"Thank you for a great product!" (Bravo SE)

"The product was easy to set up and install. The software is very user-friendly." (Bravo SE)

"It works perfectly." (Bravo SE)

"I love it." (BravoPro Xi2)

"Great little unit indeed!" (BravoPro)

"Great machine!" (Bravo SE)

"It is very dependable." (Bravo SE)

"I love your products. I am upgrading from a very old Primera duplicator. I'm excited to try it out." (Bravo SE)

"I love the unit. It works great!" (BravoPro)

"Has helped me run an independent music label." (Bravo SE)

"This is our second Primera duplicator we've purchased in the past few years."

"Love the machine." (Bravo SE)

"Glad to have a Mac version of your products!" (Bravo SE)

"It was a pleasure to have your (tech support) employee work with me. He actually knew what he was talking about and corrected my issue without second guessing what I'd already tried. This experience confirmed I made the correct choice in your product…"

"I have used your products from past employment and knew you have good products for reasonable prices." (Bravo SE)

"I'm very satisfied with your product." (Bravo SE)

"It is very simple to use." (Bravo SE)

"I am impressed with your help and kindness in Tech Support." (Bravo SE)

"I just love my Bravo SE. It is a life and time saver." (Bravo SE)

"Thank you so much. I love Primera." (LX900)

"Very good product. Thanks!" (Bravo SE)

"The perfect duplicating machine." (BravoPro Xi2)

"I love it!" (Bravo SE)

"Thanks – this is our second unit!" (Bravo SE)

"This is the third Primera duplicator I have purchased. Our first two paid for themselves within the first few months." (BravoPro Xi2)

"Very fine unit. Professional results. Works exactly as described. I would purchase it again." (Bravo SE)

"Great company. Great products." (Bravo SE)

"We are completely satisfied with our new BravoPro Xi2."

"We bought our first Bravo in the 90's. You continue to have the most cost-effective CD/DVD duplicators on the market so we bought your new one, too." (BravoPro Xi2)

"I just received (it) and it works great. GREAT company, great tech support, great product. Thanks!" (Bravo SE)

"I love Primera products!" (Bravo SE)

"Great product." (Bravo SE)

"I got my first Bravo in 2003. Then a second one in 2008. Now a BravoPro in 2010."

"I love these machines!" (BravoPro Xi2)

"I love Primera products." (BravoPro Xi2)

"This is very good equipment." (Bravo SE)

"The Bravo II is an amazing machine. I love using it!"

"I love my Bravo!" (Bravo II)

"I love working with this machine." (Bravo SE)

"Great machine!" (Bravo SE)

"We are very pleased with our product." (Bravo SE)

"Keep providing high-quality support." (Bravo Xi)

"My colleagues at Iowa State University have been using your products for years." (Bravo Xi)

"This is a VERY NICE DEVICE! Well designed and produced." (Bravo Xi)

"Nice unit!" (Bravo SE)

"We have been using Bravo II for about three and a half years and love it. We had no back-up unit (so) we bought this one, too." (BravoPro Xi)

"This is my third Primera. I use a fourth one at my full-time job…I have tried the others and Primera is the best." (Bravo SE)

"Tech support at Primera is great." (Bravo SE)

"You are great folks to work with." (BravoPro Xi2)

"I just love it, it is a life and time saver!" (BravoPro Xi2)

"Primera makes the best disc publishers." (Bravo XR)

"This is a great machine!" (Bravo II)

"Your equipment is far easier to use than (competitor's name removed.)" (BravoPro Xi)

"Love it!" (Bravo SE)

"Great machine!" (Bravo SE)

"The publisher is working great and the software is VERY user-friendly. Thanks!" (BravoPro Xi2)

"Great product!" (Bravo SE)

"Prints great quality and it is fast." (BravoPro Xi2)

"I am very happy with my Bravo SE."

"Your reseller recommended this product. I used a (competitor's name removed) in the past and it was pitiful. It could not deliver consistent, uninterrupted production. Yours, so far, is a pleasure to work with." (BravoPro Xi2)


"You have a great product." (Bravo SE)

"I love it. I had to call your Tech Support during set-up and they were excellent." (Bravo SE)

"I bought another brand that was a disaster. I should have bought Primera in the first place…I'm satisfied (now)." (BravoPro Xi Autoprinter)

"I like the robotic arm and the fact that you can automate a process that is otherwise very time-consuming." (Bravo SE)

"…the Help Desk (at Primera) was so extremely helpful! I am extremely happy on all fronts." (Bravo SE)

"It's a reliable, robotic time-saver!" (Bravo SE)

"In the next year I'll be upgrading to a new primary duplicator. When I do, it'll be from Primera." (Bravo II)

"I've been using mine for about five years and it has done its job very well." (Bravo II)

"I love it. So fast and easy to produce DVDs of family movies to give to everyone." (Bravo SE)

"Great product!" (Bravo II)

"A great machine." (Bravo II)

"This is a very good machine." (Bravo SE)

"Great job!" (BravoPro)

"We are delighted with our Bravo SE."

"I have gotten all the assistance I needed every time I have called…" (BravoPro)

"My Bravo works while I do other things. Perfect!" (Bravo II)

"We previously were using a (competitor's name removed) that had been malfunctioning and never printed correctly. This piece of equipment seems to work perfectly, every time." (Bravo XRP)

"I gave you a shining recommendation on my social media pages." (Bravo SE)

"It is not often in the electronics industry that you are met with such a competent and high level of customer service." (Bravo SE)

"Best investment I've made since I've been in business." (Bravo SE)

"Good product. My first (Primera) printer lasted five years with no maintenance." (Bravo II)

"I love this product!" (BravoPro)

"I use one of these at work and always wanted to own one of my own. I bid on eBay and won. I'm so happy to own a BravoPro!"

"Spectacularly easy to install and setup. Congratulations and great work!" (Bravo SE)

"Give your salesperson a raise." (Bravo SE)

"I love your products." (Bravo II)

"This is my second Primera product. I also own a SignaturePro which has well over 15,000 prints on it." (Bravo II)

"This is our second unit." (BravoPro Xi)

"We love our (Primera) disc publishers!" (BravoPro Xi2)

"Love it!" (Bravo II)

"We love our Bravo!" (Bravo II)

"This is actually our second unit from Primera." (Bravo SE)

"Thank you for this amazing product. It is the crown jewel of my studio." (Bravo SE)

"…I am absolutely blown away by the Bravo SE."

"Set-up was a breeze and it is working fine." (Bravo SE)

"Saves me a TON of time when doing large jobs." (Bravo SE)

"We have been using (your products) for over five years. We are very satisfied with Primera's products." (Bravo II)

"It's working great!" (Bravo II)

"This is our second unit." (Bravo II)

"Great machine!" (Bravo II)

"I love the Bravo!." (Bravo II)

"Good unit that works well." (Bravo SE)

"We were very impressed with the quality of the labels printed with this product." (LX810)

"Love this unit!" (Bravo SE)

"This product is great. I would recommend it to anyone." (Bravo II)

"The best thing about your company is the great tech support that you provide. Top notch." (Bravo SE)

"I love your products and am so excited how your company keeps coming up with better solutions all the time." (Bravo Xi-Series)

"I use it all the time and mention it at every presentation I make around the country." (Bravo SE Blu)

"Thank you for making my life a little easier with Primera Bravo SE."

"The Bravo SE is a GREAT machine!"

"Great Product and very good support. Thank you all!" (BravoPro)

"I'm replacing an old (original) Bravo that has served us well." (Bravo II)

"I called and your tech told me which device he recommended – which was less expensive that the one I originally intended to buy. I appreciate that. It makes me feel that I can trust your company." (Bravo SE)

"I absolutely love it. I just set up the job and walk away, knowing the job will complete perfectly." (Bravo SE)

"Good product so far." (Bravo SE)

"Thank you for this amazing product. It is the crown jewel of my studio." (Bravo SE)

"…this machine is phenomenal. Speedy printing, accurate calibrations, high-quality images." (Bravo SE)

"Set up was a breeze and it is working fine." (Bravo SE)

"I am absolutely blown away by the Bravo SE…(it) is a dream come true."

"I'm very satisfied with the BravoPro I've purchased. It's only been about five weeks since I've had it and I have already printed over 6000 CDs without any problems." (BravoPro)

"I really love your products. The SE's that I have bought are real workhorses. The Pro Xi I just bought is a super unit. It also gets a lot of WOW comments from my customers. Maybe it's the speed (and) the quality of its work, but it's especially the blue lights that get them every time." (BravoPro Xi)

"Your customer support is top-notch. I brag about you guys to my industry friends. Your support is a great comfort to me." (Bravo SE)

"Keep making the kinds of advances you've made with BravoPro Xi-Series and you will find me buying them." (BravoPro Xi2)

"I own three of your printers now and could not be happier." (Bravo SE)

"I wouldn't even consider buying another brand of disc printer." (Bravo SE)

"Thank you for being a company that hires good people, that stands behind its products and makes a product that is high-quality and affordable." (Bravo SE)

"We already have a Bravo SE and this is our second purchase." (Bravo II)

"Keep up the good work, Primera." (BravoPro)

"I really like your new PTPublisher Software."

"Good duplicators." (Bravo SE)

"I love it!" (Bravo SE)

"Works perfectly." (Bravo SE)

"My Bravo SE is dependable, reliable and solid. It never lets me down. Free tech support for the lifetime of the product WINS!"

"Love it!" (Bravo SE)

"She is great!" (Bravo II)

"A friend of mine uses one and was very satisfied so I ordered one, too." (Bravo SE)

"This has been a fine piece of equipment." (Bravo II)

"This is my second Bravo SE."

"The chairman of our audio ministry suggested (Bravo SE) to me. (It) does an excellent job."

"I am VERY satisfied with my Bravo SE."

"We are very happy with your products. We have several of them, purchased through your Czech distributor." (Bravo SE)

"Primera is good. Thanks!" (Bravo II)

"Works great!" (Bravo II)

"This is my second Bravo duplicator." (Bravo II)

"I love this product. It's very good!" (Bravo II)

"First purchased a BravoPro several years ago. Am on my second Primera unit." (Bravo SE)

"Producing over 200 DVDs per month has never been easier!" (BravoPro)

"It's durable and affordable." (Bravo SE)

"Very impressed so far." (LX400)

"I'm very pleased that the software is so well-made and reliable." (Bravo SE)

"After using a (competitor's name removed) that had very poor print quality and software that was unstable I looked to Primera as a company with a great reputation for quality products. I am looking forward to using the Bravo SE and creating great looking discs." (Bravo SE)

"Great machine." (Bravo SE)

"Love it! Thanks for making my day easier!" (Bravo II)

"It is so nice. We really like it." (Bravo SE)

"A very good product." (BravoPro)

"It is indeed a pleasure to speak with English-speaking, knowledgeable support technicians when one has a technical question." (BravoPro)

"This is my second (BravoPro) and our sixth Primera (disc publisher)."

"We're very happy with it." (Bravo SE)

"We really like the machine." (BravoPro)

"The set-up process was simple. Simple is always good." (Bravo II)

"This is our second BravoPro!"

"We have used Primera products since 2003 with excellent support from your company. The choice was natural to buy Bravo XRP when we needed a new unit." (Bravo XRP)

"I really love it and so do my students." (Bravo II)

"Excellent product, good output quality." (BravoPro)

"Great product." (Bravo II)

"Creating my (disc) artwork was less than a five-minute job…much faster printing than I thought it would be and very easy to use." (BravoPro)

"Looking good!" Bravo SE

"Was recommended by a friend." (Bravo SE)

"PTPublisher for the Mac?! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!" (BravoPro)

"Outstanding product. Would purchase another in the future." (Bravo II)

"We needed a volume CD publisher. After searching the web, reading reviews and comparing prices, your product appeared to be the best solution for our needs. We are very happy with that decision." (Bravo II)

"I love this unit!" (Bravo SE Blu)

"Easy to use software. Thanks!" (Bravo XRP)

"This is the third one I've bought for three different companies. I love it!" (Bravo SE)

"I love this machine! Glad PTPublisher (software) is finally available for the Mac." (Bravo II)

"Thanks for this wonderful product." (Bravo II)

"The Bravo II is a great unit."

"Awesome piece of equipment! So far I've only owned the Bravo SE for a month, and it's already saved my tons of hours and hassle duplicating DVD's! Thank you!!!"

"This is my second Bravo SE!"

"Great unit! Thanks very much!!!" (Bravo II)

"This is my third Primera product." (Bravo XR)

"(It's) working like a son of a gun! We will keep it very busy." (Bravo II)

"We are happy with the unit and its operation." (Bravo XR)

"Thank you for producing very useful and high-quality products." (Bravo II)

"Very satisfied. This unit is a direct replacement for our original Bravo. It was used for over seven years and printed thousands of discs – truly a "mission critical" element in our video business. This new Bravo II seems even more robust and flexible." (Bravo II)

"Very impressed with the build (quality) and installation." (Bravo SE)

"I love the convenience of being able to stack jobs and turn it loose. It allows me to focus on other tasks." (BravoPro)

"I also own a (competitor's name removed). I got so tired of it messing up that I just went out and got a Bravo XR. Thanks, Primera!" (Bravo XR)

"I started with your Bravo I. It lasted nine years!" (Bravo II)

"Very nice package. I have it rack-mounted in our master control room." (Bravo XR)

"I own three (Primera) Autoprinters. They are excellent machines. I have 33,000 prints on one machine and 28,000 prints on the other. They are an excellent value." (Bravo SE)

"Love the machine." (BravoPro)

"It has been working out great for us." (BravoPro)

"Great machine. Would recommend your products to anyone." (Bravo II)

"Great product!" (Bravo XRP Blu)

"…has increased my efficiency by allowing me to produce finished programs much more quickly, as well as providing a full color finished product." (Bravo SE)

"This purchase brings the number of Bravo II's we currently own to two." (Bravo II)

"It works wonderfully!" (Bravo II)

"We are very pleased with our unit." (Bravo II)

"I love the recent software upgrades. Very nice!" (Bravo II)

"Has made my job easier." (BravoPro)

"We have three units and are pleased with the products. Keep up the good work, Primera!" (Bravo SE)

"We have had good experiences with your products over the years." (Bravo II)

"Keep making products that don't require repairs." (BravoPro)

"Your help line is extremely good."

"Works reliably and prints well." (BravoPro)

"The tech support was very helpful and thorough. Good job, Primera!"

"We are very satisfied with our product." (BravoPro)

"I can set it working and walk away." (Bravo SE)

"Works well. I enjoy using it." (Bravo II)

"Great product!" (Bravo II)

"Nice machine!" (Bravo II)

"Love your machine. Have been using (competitor's name removed) up until now." (BravoPro)

"We already own a BravoPro, too." (Bravo II)

"I wish I had bought this years ago." (Bravo II)

"Very intelligently designed. Thanks!" (Bravo SE)

"I really like it." (Bravo II)

"Set-up was a breeze. Everything assembled and worked as expected." (BravoPro)

"Our Bravo II is a workhorse. We use it everyday!" (Bravo II)

"I love it!" (Bravo II)

"This has proven to be a good machine for us." (BravoPro)

"It is very easy to use and train the users." (Bravo II)

"Great machine!" (Bravo II)

"Works like a champ. Thanks for such a great product!" (Bravo II)

"I found your sales staff to be very helpful when I phoned to get more information. We are happy with the product." (Bravo SE)

"Great for small television stations." (Bravo SE)

"Your disc publishers are indispensible to our company!" (Bravo SE)

"We have used a Primera Bravo duplicator for years and this is our second one." (BravoPro)

"This is our second Bravo. The first was a Bravo SE we bought almost two years ago." (Bravo II)

"It was highly reviewed so we went ahead and bought it." (Bravo II)

"…the Bravo II has been impressive." (Bravo II)

"I've bought four of your machines: Bravo II, Bravo XR, Bravo Pro and ComposerMAX."

"I read reviews on different products and found that Primera got the best reviews of all your competitors. I sent a few questions to your tech support and got a very fast and clear answer. With the reviews and your prompt technical support I decided that's the one." (Bravo XR)

"I learned about this product from a colleague. He has used your devices for years and loves them." (Bravo SE)

"This is our third Bravo duplicator." (Bravo II)

"You've got a great product. It works even better than expected. It's simple to set up and simple to use. Delivery was on time and supplies are readily available. It's so nice to purchase something that actually covers everything as advertised. I'm very happy to have found out about your products and I'd be happy to endorse them." (Bravo II)

"A great investment that has saved me a ton of time. Before I got the Bravo II I would spend days copying and labeling CDs and DVDs. Now I can continue working while also burning all of my discs." (Bravo II)

"We had a (competitor's name removed) that kept giving us problems. We called your dealer to see about repair and they offered us a trade-in if we purchased a BravoPro." (BravoPro)

"Everyone has been extremely pleased with the quality of the discs and the ease of burning and printing. I got the kudos for finding the best solution to fit our needs! A win/win situation all around." (Bravo II)

"This is our second unit, so you can tell we are pleased." (BravoPro)

"Easy to set up and a breeze to use." (BravoPro)

"It's quick, has great print quality and most of all it works unattended." (Bravo SE)

"I am very pleased. It works beautifully!" (Bravo SE)

"Great machine!" (BravoPro)

"Thanks for coming up with such a great product." (Bravo II)

"Good product and great support." (Bravo SE)

"A great machine with its new technology. Thanks, Primera!" (Bravo XR)

"I've just printed my first discs and they look stunning. I made a good choice with this equipment!" (Bravo II)

"It is terrific!" (BravoPro)

"The product is user-friendly and easy to set-up." (BravoPro)

"This product has cut down the labeling process by hours and is top notch in quality. I have used it not only in my law practice but also as a weekend warrior musician. My only regret is that I didn't make this purchase years ago!" (BravoPro)

"Great design and well thought-out." (Bravo SE)

"I am very happy with our Primera BravoPro. It took a materials distribution process from four days to three hours!" (BravoPro)

"Hope it holds up better than our (competitor's name removed)." (Bravo II)

"These duplicators are awesome. We actually have two of them to make sure we never fall behind on our disc recording." (BravoPro)

"We have been very pleased with our (existing Bravo) and look forward to using this new one." (Bravo II)

"Works great." (Bravo II)

"Awesome!" (Bravo XR)

"The Bravo SE is a great machine. I would recommend it to anyone!" (Bravo SE)

"I am very satisfied with my Bravo SE. It is very easy to use. I love the fact that I can set it to work on a job and I can go about working on other things while it completes the job." (Bravo SE)

"I followed your instructions and it worked like a charm." (Bravo SE)

"Very satisfied." (BravoPro)

"You were recommended by another ministry who uses your products." (Bravo SE)

"Fantastic machine. Would highly recommend." (Bravo SE)

"LOVE IT!" (Bravo II)

"I really like it!" (Bravo SE)

"It is very easy to use and has worked flawlessly. I love it!" (Bravo SE)

"I am very pleased with it." (Bravo SE)

"I am very satisfied with the Primera Bravo SE. It is a wonderful machine that so far has worked perfectly." (Bravo SE)

"Primera is the best company in the world for CD/DVD disc publishers and printers."

"It works great." (Bravo XRP)

"I chose Primera largely because of your great support and service departments." (Bravo XRP-Blu)

"Very satisfied. The product performs great on our application. I have no issues." (Bravo SE)

"Fast, easy and convenient." (Bravo SE)

"BravoPro is excellent. Fast fast, smooth operation." (BravoPro)

"Outstanding product." (Bravo II)

"I love it." (Bravo II)

"Great product." (Bravo XR)

"This is my second Bravo II. The first one is two years old and operates perfectly. Great product!" (Bravo II)

"Great product!" (Bravo II)

"Great product!" (Bravo SE)

"Awesome product for small dupe jobs!" (Bravo SE)

"So far I love my (Bravo II). Much better than a competitor we have used."

"I love my Bravo II…and I really love the WaterShield DVD-Rs. They give me a very professional look." (Bravo II)

"I'm very happy. Very easy to set up and operate." (Bravo II)

"I'm very satisfied. It's my second Bravo duplicator." (BravoPro)

"Super easy to set up and use." (BravoPro)

"I'm satisfied. The product works great." (BravoPro)

"I love it so far." (BravoPro)

"Great product." (Bravo II)

"It is a wonderful product." (Bravo II)

"Works well." (Bravo II)

"It is very reliable." (Bravo II)

"I also own a Bravo SE that has completed well over 5000 discs for me. Thank you for such an excellent product." (BravoPro)

"Your product works perfectly!" (Bravo SE)

"I'm very happy. Very easy to set-up and operate." (Bravo II)

"I'm happy to say your machine is doing a fantastic job!" (Bravo SE)

"Thank you for a first class product." (Bravo SE)

"I love the product!" (Bravo SE)

"I am so happy after using this machine." (Bravo II)

"This unit is awesome." (Bravo II)

"Good product." (Bravo SE)

"My Bravo II has worked so well."

"This is a great product." (BravoPro)

"Love it!" (Bravo II)

"We had an earlier version we liked and now we bought a new one." (Bravo II)

"This is decent equipment. I'm very pleased. I can't live without it anymore!"

"Great product, easy to use software."

"…the Bravo II is perfection!"

"Your support has been excellent and my questions have been answered by someone who knows what they're talking about."

"The quality of Bravo II has exceeded my expectations."

"I am very pleased with Bravo II. I also bought Bravo SE for my freelance videography business and it has been a real time saver compared to my previous method of (manually) feeding discs to the (competitor's name removed) printer."

"It's reliable, consistent and easy to understand." (Bravo II)

"Your website is very, very helpful."

"We love it!" (Bravo II)

"It has worked out well." (Bravo II)

"It just works!"

"I bought this product (BravoPro) based upon my experience with Bravo II (of) which we own two already."

"Nice service (at Primera)."

"I have been hearing rave reviews on the product."

"It works as advertised. We have already used it extensively."

"I bought this machine used and was impressed with Primera's customer service."

"Nice, clean design. Easy installation and use. Bravo!"

"This is my second Bravo. I had the original and now I have purchased Bravo II. Great machine!"

"Your tech support is awesome."

"My (BravoPro) is very efficient and in the short time I have used it seems incredibly reliable."

"Very good product!" (Bravo II)

"We have three of them (Bravo-series), and they are often busy all day. It is the only affordable way of keeping our software releases up-to-date."

"What I like most about this product (Bravo SE) is that you can give it a command to burn 20 DVDs and you don't have to worry about changing DVDs after each burn."

"I am very satisfied with my new Primera Bravo SE. It is just what I needed for my size of business. I have produced over 200 DVDs with it and my customers are also satisfied. It prints high quality professional labels which are easy to design with the SureThing software. I will recommend it to my friends.

"(My Bravo II) works consistently well."

"Your customer service has been first class and all communications were answered in a timely manner. After much research, (I decided) Bravo II was the best in class for the money."

"The Bravo II is everything I need. Adding the PTRip is just icing on the cake. Thank you for an excellent product."

"This is a very good product." (Bravo SE)

"It's a good product." (Bravo II)

"I love it, I love it, I love it!" (Bravo II)

"This is our second Bravo II Disc Publisher. The first one served us well. Thanks for a great product!"

"I'm a previous owner of a Bravo II and this is my second unit purchased."

"I'm very happy with the results from Bravo II."

"Thank you for this great product." (Bravo II)

"Love the printer. Love the software. Easy to install and use. Your tech support line is also wonderful." (BravoPro)

"Very happy with your service and support."

"Great support, great equipment."

"We are very satisfied with our Bravo SE."

"Awesome machine!!! (Bravo II)

"It's great. Thank you!" (BravoPro)

"Works rock solid. I'm very happy with my BravoPro."

"Works great!" (BravoPro)

"We acquired a Primera BravoPro and it has functioned flawlessly. Very good print quality and very quiet, too, with no hiccups after several hundred discs. Wow! This is no (competitor's name removed)…we're about to 'Office Space' our (competitor's model number removed). Color me (or ink-jet me) impressed."

"It has everything I need."

"I'm a satisfied customer."

"This is my second (BravoPro) unit."

"Very nice product. Seems to work well."

"We own six DVD (disc publishers) from Primera – in three different flavors!"

"We anticipate growth and would like to buy 3-5 more Bravo XRPs."

"I've called the help number several times. I didn't wait long and the people who helped me were great…I'm overwhelmed with the quality of the product."

"I make discs to give to all of my students the first day of class. Our (Primera) disc publisher makes this easy!"

"Your PTRip Software was a deciding factor for purchase. Great feature!"

"It does everything I need it to do."

"This is our second BravoPro."

"(I like its) reliable technology and continued support."

"It's fuss-free and automatic."

"We are absolutely satisfied."

"The Primera Bravo XRP meets all of our needs and was very easy to set-up."

"My Bravo II has not let me down!"

"Nice machine!"

"MUCH less expensive than (competitor's name removed) and more asthetically pleasing than our (competitor's name removed) unit."

"(BravoPro) is an awesome publishing system."

"(Our Bravo II) is the single most important investment we've made in the last few years. It has paid for itself many times over."

"With Bravo II a small software house like us can shave off cost and time."

"A very good investment (Bravo II)."

"The Primera product delivers great quality and sufficient speed for a reasonable price. It does exactly what we expected."

"We are fully satisfied with our Primera product."

"I love this product!!!"

"My (Primera) disc publisher has saved us so much time and allowed us to expand what our business offers."

"I LOVE this thing (Bravo SE)."

"I upgraded from Bravo II, with which I was very happy, to the BravoPro."

"The Bravo II is excellent."

"I like how fast the Bravo produces a finished product."

"The automation is a real time saver."

"Easy to use and professional output. What more can you ask for?"

"(It) fills the needs of a small non-profit organization and works exactly as advertised."

"It simply ROCKS!"

"Bravo XRn is a great product…set it and forget it. Let it cook overnight with great results."

"This is our second (Primera) Bravo. Our first was a Bravo II."

"Great system!!! Bought a Bravo SE about eight months ago. Purchased a BravoPro today. Thanks!"

"Excellent machine. Well done, Primera!"

"It has been a very useful purchase, especially when we do large software distributions of 50 (or more) CDs."

"I am very satisfied with my BravoPro. I recently used it to produce 500 DVDs and I had no problems at all."

"Bravo II is the best (disc) publisher…"

"I love the BravoPro for short quick runs. Clients adore the brightness of color - especially on the water proof DVD's! No matter how small your run, the BravoPro makes life easy."

"It takes a tremendous amount of what used to be tedious manual labor out of my hands and does it without question or without fail."

"(My Bravo II is) easy to use and great results."

"It's awesome; much better than I could have imagined."

"Our Bravo II is one of the most trouble free pieces of equipment in our entire studio. We produce hundreds of CDs and DVDs every month for our listeners. We couldn't do it without our Bravo II!"

"I can set it and come back at a later time and it's all done."

"Solid and dependable."

"I LOVE IT! Great product."

"Very good unit."

"…we have found it intuitive, easy to use, fast & reliable."

"I am extremely satisfied with my Bravo II Disc Publisher."

"Thank you for a great product!"

"We have a Primera Bravo II and really like it. We (bought this one because we) needed another printer and we have had no issues with the Primera."

"Was an owner of the (original) Bravo and loved it so much that when needed to upgrade I definitely went with Primera."

"Thank you for a nifty product."

"We are very satisfied with our Bravo II Disc Publisher."

"I emailed tech support and I received an immediate response. Excellent service!"

"I am extremely satisfied with my Primera Bravo SE."

"It's quiet, inexpensive and gets the job done without headaches. Saves me a lot of time. Plus, it's easy to operate."

"I made the mistake of getting a (competitor's name removed) instead of a Primera and it was a NIGHTMARE!!! I can't stress that enough. In the end I sold the (competitor's name removed) and bought a Primera Bravo II and I love it. I have gone through over 2000 discs so far without a single hitch. The arm works flawlessly with picking up discs. If you're in the market for a duplicator, do yourself a favor and pick up a Primera. They are usually cheaper and INFINATELY more reliable. Get one and just enjoy the peace of mind."

"Your website provides excellent support for any random question that I may have."

"I am very satisfied.  I've had a number of different CD/DVD Duplicators in the past and this one works better than any of them.  Much more reliable!

"Its print resolution and quality are excellent."

"My experience thus far has been exceptional. I love it. The software is far superior with your product (a really nice program) and the fact that I don't have to think twice before my 15 or 20 discs are done printing is invaluable. Thanks and keep up the great work."

"It gives me professional looking discs at a very low cost."

"Thank you. This is my second Primera product. Love the new unit!"

"I LOVE IT! The help (from Primera's technical support) has been terrific."

"Very good printer for a reasonable price."

"My Bravo SE is the best disc publisher in the world! I really mean it!!!"

"Great product. Thanks!"

"I've owned a number of other CD/DVD publishing systems. None of them compare to the consistency, features and quality of the Bravo II. I'm sticking with Primera from now on!"

"Professional looking output for a great price. For this price, I have found no match."

"This is our second Bravo II. We bought our first Bravo years ago. Great products!"

"I have another Primera product, the Bravo II, and now own a BravoPro. They are very good products."

"So far I am very pleased with this machine (Bravo SE). I can load and walk away and the CDs are done including labeling."

"I absolutely LOVE my Bravo II. I have saved the company several thousands of dollars in unnecessary outside duplication costs."

"Very nice product."

"Installation process was easy."

"Thanks for making a great product."

"Very good product."

"Just finished my first round of fifteen discs, and what a pleasure. Thanks for a wonderful product."

"We just love our machine. He is a very hard worker and very dependable."

"Your product exactly meets our needs."

"The unit is working beautifully. Great product and software."

"This product is a LOT better than (competitor's name removed) duplicators!"

"I love the print quality and the efficiency which makes this product the industry standard."

"I have had the Bravo II for almost two years. I have never had a problem with it. It does a fantastic job!"

"I have two Bravo II units. They are the best investment in my time and they give my company a professional look."

"The Bravo SE consistently works around the clock and provides awesome prints that look professional."

"I love this machine!"

"We upgraded our original Bravo after it had run over 7000 discs in the course of four years. Great product and huge timesaver!"

"It's awesome!"

"It saves me a lot of time and is easy to use, user-friendly for all my co-workers, I don't have to teach or coach or do any hand-holding while they make a CD. Thanks Bravo! Can I be in your first TV commercial?"

"Overall, we're very pleased."

"I purchased this unit to run DVD demos for events. I did about 200 in two days. It worked great!"

"Reliable and cost-effective."

"Great printer! Very easy to set-up and use."

"Very happy with this product."

"It is very cool to watch."

"Great product! Saves me a lot of time."

"Nice machine. Easy to use and install. Quiet, quick operation. Great design, small footprint."

"Glad to have such a good product for my business."

"I am really pleased with my Bravo II."

"Thank you for a great product. I purchased Bravo SE for home and the Bravo II for work. Very satisfied with the ease of operation of the products. Set-up was easy – just make a few selections and let it go. Works great!"

"This product and the other one previously purchased have functioned beyond expectations."

"I'm VERY satisfied! We started out using a (competitor's name removed) machine and had many problems. It was SO NICE to receive the Primera Bravo 2 and have it work within minutes of hooking it up. The customer service has been great, too."

"This is the third Bravo-Series publisher we have purchased. We're very happy with reliability and quality."

"So far the machine has worked flawlessly and the printer does a high quality job. I am very pleased with its performance."

"This is a great product!"

"This is the third unit from Primera that I've purchased. Good stuff."

"I love it. It works great for what I need."

"We are victims of the (competitor's name removed) with mechanical feed and belt delivery. It's awful. This is our second Bravo II."

"Nicely built product."

"I would like to say how much I love this product. It has saved me hundreds of hours of tedious labor and has proven to be a reliable, quality piece of equipment. In my large inventory of video equipment, computer components and office products, this has proven to be one of my best purchases. Thanks again!"

"I dig it! Use me for your promotions!"

"I liked the printer so much I have recommended it to two friends that have already purchased them. It is a great product."

"Thanks for making a great product."

"This is the best machine ever. Very simple and very reliable. I love it!"

"It's great. It's our third one."

"It's so much better than doing discs one by one. Plus it's quiet and fast."

"Your product came highly recommended."

"I've had one of your printers for 12 years now – it's still working with flying colors!"

"I learned about your product from a friend who has one."

"Thanks for providing excellent duplicators."

"I can not imagine any other type of unit working better than the Bravo SE. We are tickled pink. Thank you again for a nice product."

"It is awesome. I love it."

"The (print) quality is much better than I anticipated."

"I just ordered another one and will be ordering quite a few more."

"I couldn't be happier with your product and your customer support."

"It works as advertised and is a great product."

"I have used my Bravo SE extensively this month and I love it."

"The most reliable and dependable product money can buy for a small business."

"I am satisfied with my Primera Bravo II. I'm happy with the results of the machine and am very satisfied with the printing abilities. Thank you for making such a good product."

"I absolutely love this product. I'm a one-man software shop and this has put the finishing touch on my deliverable products. I'm constantly coming up with new ways to use it."

"I think you hit the mark with this product (Bravo SE). Keep up the good work."

"I burn and print CDs and DVDs almost every day. Makes my work look very professional."

"I am totally satisfied with the Bravo SE. For me, it has simplified the production of batches of around 45 discs at a time for our team members."

"Thanks for a great product."

"Great product. Saves me a lot of time."

"Very good first impression of your new SE product. We are an existing customer of your duplicators."

"Very happy. Saving me hours of work."

"Very good product. Right out of the box I was burning and printing."

"The Bravo II is well worth the purchase. Thanks!"

"Your sales staff was very informative and provided me with my local reseller in Florida. I appreciate that this device works with a Mac."

"I sold a few of these units to customers of mine. They called thanking me for the info and recommending the Bravo II. That sparked my interest in owning one myself so I am a salesperson that turned into a customer. Thanks!"

"Great product. No problems. Works a lot better than (competitor's name removed). I will be buying Primera products in the future."

"Set-up was a breeze. Works great."

"This is a very good product."

"Awesome and reliable. My 3rd Bravo II."

"It has greatly simplified my life. Thank you!"

"So far we love the printer!!!"

"Very happy with my product so far."

"I really love this product. Going to order the BravoPro; will then have both Bravo II and BravoPro."

"Love your product and have referred four others who are happy also."

"This is a great product. Great software. User-friendly. We love it!"

"Great. Worked the first time."

"(Our school's) textbooks are now coming out on DVD/CD to be duplicated for student use. I foresee the Bravo XR to be an invaluable tool."

"Our CDW sales rep said that your product was the best."

"Excellent machine. Perfect for my needs. A real time saver!"

"Great work, guys!"

"Second unit purchased. Very pleased with the performance of my Bravos."

"Just started using the publisher but already love it. It was easy to set up and use."

"I really like the printer. Very easy to use and efficient. Perfect for our ministry needs."

"I owned an original Bravo years ago and look forward to the same excellent quality after going through two (competitor's name removed) that had defective robots."

"So far, I LOVE IT!"

"It rocks!"

"Thank you for your excellent service."

"Love your products!"

"Great product."

"Very satisfied. Wonderful instrument."

"It's a great help with my small duplication and printing projects."

"We are happy with your product. We have printed out over 200 CDs already."

"It is such a time-saver for me. It was easy to set up and configure what I wanted to burn and print."

"Great little item. Should have bought one years ago."

"You have been so great. I had to call in twice and as usual the staff was extremely helpful."

"We are more than satisfied with the Bravo II. We just made a large batch of 750 curriculum CDs for our school."

"It's been a valuable asset in creating all kinds of deliverables for our church."

"It's great. This is our 3rd Bravo SE."

"Great product."

"I just love it."

"Excellent unit. Well done."

"The product installed seamlessly and painlessly."

"Thank yous all around to the developers of Bravo SE!"

"Have used Bravos for years. Bought new one to handle increased workload."

"It's great. Works beautifully and everybody at Primera is so helpful."

"I love it. This will be a great addition to our capabilities."

"Great product!"

"This is our second Bravo II."

"Works great!"

"I'm very excited about the discovery of this product. I look forward to buying another as my business grows."

"This is my second Primera duplicator."

"Nice product for the price. Glad we learned of your product line as the appearance of materials we send to our clients means a lot to us."

"This is my first time using the product and I have found it to be very good. Thank you!"

"I am very happy with the dependability of this product."

"I love this product. Simple, affordable, and end results look good."

"Very nice machine."

"Your product was quick and easy to set up and use."

"I love the Primera inkjet printers!"