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Fraud Prevention

We cannot see you face to face, so we have to make sure it is you ordering and not some creep who stole your identity or credit card number. The more information we have, the better we can do that. Specifically, we verify that the address(es), phone number, and email you've provided match the information associated with the form of payment you're using. You may receive a phone call or e-mail from our Order Verification Department requesting additional information if we cannot verify this information. This is a routine procedure, and typical for lots of online stores, especially if you are shipping items to a different address. Unfortunately, this may delay your order a day or two if we do not hear back from you right away.
When you use an international credit card and/or are exporting your items outside of the U.S., we are required to take additional fraud prevention steps. To do so, we ask you to place these orders on our online, global web shop at Select your country’s flag in the upper left corner of the screen. Get more details at or call us at +1-763-475-6676.

If you encounter any of these procedures with us, please do not be offended. We are only doing our best to protect you – and your hard-earned money!

Stolen Good and Counterfeit Goods Policy

We have seen recent increases of our products showing up on Amazon, eBay and other online sites selling goods that were fraudulently obtained from us through various means such as the use of stolen credit card numbers. In other cases, we actively identify and attempt to shut down sellers of counterfeit Primera-branded consumables.
Kindly keep this in mind: If the price for one of our products seems low compared to other sellers of the same goods, it may be an indication that the items were not legitimately obtained or might be counterfeit.

In all of these cases, we must follow this policy in order to comply with various laws and agreements with our fraud prevention vendors:

  • Our technical support people cannot support a product that was stolen or is counterfeit, even if you believe you purchased the item(s) legally.
  • Once notified by us that your product was stolen, as identified by its serial number, it is our duty to advise you that you are now in possession of stolen goods. In most jurisdictions, this is illegal, whether or not you previously knew it.
  • We will ask you to file a police report with your local authorities. We will do the same.
  • Any restitution you seek must be with Amazon, eBay, etc. or your credit card company, not Primera. Just like you, we are also a victim of the crime.
  • All legitimate online marketplaces have procedures for reporting seller fraud on their sites. You’ll need to report such incidents through your account.
  • The police or Amazon will likely return the stolen goods to us since we never transferred title to anyone after not being paid.

There is no acceptable amount of fraud. Every fraudulent order steals from you as well as from us. We combat these orders by constantly refining and improving our fraud identification and prevention methods.