Support Statement Regarding Bravo II, Bravo XR and LX810 Drivers

Unfortunately, Apple no longer supports drivers that are not CUPs based with on OS 10.7 or Newer. For this reason the Bravo II and LX810 drivers do not work with OS 10.7  - or newer. Primera will always update drivers for current products. We also make a reasonable effort to update drivers for discontinued products. However, in order to do this latest update we would need to completely rewrite the driver and possibly make firmware changes to the printers themselves. This would take months of development and testing. Since we have limited software development resources we chose to focus our efforts on improving software and fixing bugs that affect our current products, therefore helping the greatest number of customers. Unfortunately, we do have to stop development at some point. 

Finally, it is still possible to use the Bravo II or LX810 on an older Mac computer or a PC. Many customers of Primera and other hardware and software manufactures have been forced to maintain some older computers to run older hardware or software. We apologize for this inconvenience. If maintaining a second computer is not an option for you, we do now offer a special upgrade price to customers in your situation. Please contact sales at 1-800-797-2772 to discuss this option.