Primera Technology to Offer Laser Marking System

Primera Technology announces the prelaunch of the Catalyst Laser Marking System designed to print onto high-durability, pre-laminated label substrates. It will begin shipping in Q2 2021.

Primera Catalyst V8 label printer

Ideal for asset tags, serial tags, warning labels, and information/instruction panels that need to withstand rough environmental conditions.

Instead of ink, Catalyst uses a bundle of 2, 4, or 8 fiber-coupled laser diodes along with matched, high-precision lenses (patents pending) to image onto CLF. Bundled fiber lasers have never before been used in a roll-fed, desktop laser label imager, making Catalyst unique in its class. After imaging the CLF material, Catalyst's built-in Digital Die-Cutting™ system cuts the labels to any shape, eliminating the need for pre-die-cut labels. Unlike all other laser-based marking systems, it uses a knife blade instead of the laser beam to cut out the labels. This eliminates the need for a smoke and fume extraction system, saving even more money on the initial equipment costs and the on-going costs and bother of periodic filter changes, cleaning, and other maintenance.

"We are excited to introduce this ground-breaking new laser-based label imaging system" said Mark D. Strobel, Primera Technology's vice president of sales and marketing. "For companies that need labels for use in harsh and severe-service environments, and even for mission-critical applications, Catalyst is the most affordable and easiest to use laser-marking label printer available."

Three different models are available:

• Catalyst V2: the entry-level model with two laser diodes

• Catalyst V4: four laser diodes for twice the speed of V2

• Catalyst V8: eight laser diodes for twice the speed of V4

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