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If you do, let us know! We're always looking for new and innovative new product ideas. In fact, many of our best ideas have come from customers. If we use your idea and bring the product to market, we'll send you one of the products at no charge as our way of saying "thank-you!" So, be creative and send us your best ideas.

IMPORTANT: Please read before submitting your ideas! By submitting an idea in response to this offer, you agree to the following: you transfer to Primera Technology, Inc. ("Primera") all rights to use the idea in any way Primera chooses. Primera has no obligation to use the idea. At the time you submitted the idea, you were under no obligation not to use or disclose the idea. Primera's only obligation to you is to provide you with one of the products if the idea is used and a product is brought to market. Primera has no obligation to you if Primera already had the idea, either on its own or as a result of a third party submitting the idea to Primera.