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Everyone knows that Bravo-Series Disc Publishers are great for making many copies of a particular disc, but what happens if you want to make many discs that are unique? Primera's PTDevSuite is the answer. Primera’s PTDevSuite provides an application developer two unique approaches to easily automate the creation of professional looking CD/DVDs from within their own application using Primera’s Disc Publisher line of duplicators. The solutions are PTBurnSDK for scriptable, easy integration and PTRobot for low-level integration.

PTBurn SDK is an application that runs silently on the host Windows PC that controls your Bravo. This application constantly monitors a shared directory, or "Hot Folder", for inbound jobs. Once a job is requested, the PTBurn SDK will automatically take control of the Bravo and will burn and print the disc.

PTRobot is a DLL based API that allows the developer to add robotic control and automated disc printing to their Windows application. This product is ideal for developers who already support disc burning in their applications.

PTDevSuite is simple to obtain. Developers only need to complete and submit the online registration form posted on this page. Once a registration is recieved, a secure link will be emailed where PTDevSuite an be downloaded along with complete documentation and code samples. Being registered in Primera’s developer database will also make the developer eligible to receive updates to the PTDevSuite as they are released.

Providing these two solutions, Primera is enabling companies to create custom burning solutions at an affordable price. Whether it is for in-house production or integration with an existing product in areas like medical imaging, kiosks or photo, these tools make the Bravo the most versatile and affordable disc publisher available today!

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