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Signature EVO Cassette Printer - Automated System

Primera’s Signature EVO Cassette Printer is designed to significantly boost your lab's productivity while minimizing the potential risks associated with specimen misidentification.

The Signature EVO Cassette Printer empowers you to print crucial information, including text, graphics, logos, as well as both linear and 2D barcodes, directly onto the face of cassettes. This streamlined printing capability optimizes your workflow, reducing manual errors and ensuring accurate specimen identification throughout the entire process.

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Signature EVO Cassette Autoloader

Key Features and Benefits:

  • On-demand or batch mode printing
  • Black or color printing
  • 4 cassette hoppers
  • 40 cassettes per hopper
  • Up to 9 cassettes per minute
  • Thermal transfer printing at 300 dpi
  • Ribbon types: Black – 4,300 prints / CMYK – 550 prints
  • Prints on standard cassettes with 35° to 45° angles with either lid on or lid off, no adjustments needed
  • Output capacity: 7 cassettes / 17 with extension tray
  • Chemical-resistant ink – ensures reliable identification of cassettes
  • Network connectivity or USB interface

Easy to Use

With Signature EVO’s intuitive design, taped cassettes can be effortlessly loaded into individual hoppers, streamlining the workflow. The transparent blue LED backlit case of the hopper allows for easy monitoring of the cassette levels, ensuring a seamless printing experience.

The Signature EVO Cassette Printer takes efficiency to the next level with its enhanced picking and dispensing capabilities. These advancements establish a new standard of reliability when it comes to tissue cassette printing, accommodating an even wider range of brands and types of tissue cassettes. This means you can confidently print on various cassette types, knowing that the printer is optimized for consistent performance and accuracy.

Optional PTLab™ Software

PTLab Software was designed by Primera specifically for use with the Signature EVO Cassette Printer. It can be installed on any Windows PC. With PTLab, you'll be up and running and printing full-color cassettes in just minutes. Printing only the cassettes you need, when and where you need them, helps avoid potentially serious patient safety errors.

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Signature EVO Cassette Autoloader

Innovation at a New, More Affordable Price

With Signature EVO, you’ll reduce the chance of errors, have a more efficient workflow and save time and money by inventorying only white cassettes.

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Manual Version Also Available

One cassette is manually loaded at a time. Print speed is extremely fast at about 6 seconds per cassette.

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Signature EVO Cassette Printer