Primera Upgrade Program

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As a way of saying “thank you” to our customers for being loyal to Primera products, we’re offering an upgrade program that gives customers a chance to purchase a newer Primera Bravo SE-3 or 4200-Series Disc Publisher at an unbelievably discounted price.

There’s a Bravo Series model for almost any disc printing or publishing need, ranging from print-only to dual recording drives.

Some of the highlights of our Bravo 4200-Series include:

  • Up to 100 disc capacity
  • Only one tri-color ink cartridge to manage
  • USB 3.0

Bravo SE-3 features include:

  • USB 3.0 for faster data transfers
  • 270% faster print speeds than Bravo SE
  • Up to 20 disc capacity

In order to qualify for this opportunity, the unit to be upgraded must meet all of the following requirements:

  1. Eligibility must be pre-verified by Primera via the serial number and customer information
  2. If current unit is under warranty, that warranty will become void when the unit is decommissioned
The following pricing is available for customers who are eligible to upgrade their current Bravo units:
Model MSRP Price Upgrade Price
Bravo SE-3 AutoPrinter $995 $715
Bravo SE-3 DVD $1,495 $1,085
Bravo SE-3 Blu $2,195 $1,595
Bravo 4052 $2,495 $1,700
Bravo 4052 Blu $2,995 $1,925
Bravo 4200 AP $1,995 $1,250
Bravo 4201 $2,995 $1,925
Bravo 4202 $3,295 $2,125
Bravo 4201 Blu $3,495 $2,325
Bravo 4202 Blu $3,795 $2,575
Bravo 4202 XRP $3,795 $2,575
Bravo 4202 XRP Blu $4,995 $3,575

To see if you qualify for the Bravo upgrade program, click "Check Eligibility" or call 1-800-797-2772.

Additional Terms & Conditions:

  • Upgrade program valid only in the United States, U.S. territories and Canada
  • Upgrade units must be purchased directly through Primera or from an authorized reseller
  • Customers who purchase an upgraded model keep their current unit, but it will be marked as decommissioned and will no longer be eligible for Technical Support or service
  • Customers can receive one upgrade price per eligible unit; there is not an additional discount for more than one eligible unit
  • Upgraded units are new units and come with the standard one year warranty
  • Upgraded units are eligible for extended warranties (at additional cost)
  • Models listed above are currently the only models eligible for discounted upgrade pricing
  • Shipping charges will apply
  • Certain rebates do not apply
See the Bravo SE-3 Disc Publisher in action!
As of February 1st our upgrade program now includes select competitive units from Microboards, XLNT Idea, etc.!