Why Disc Duplicators from Primera

Get more. Get a Bravo.

Why Are Bravo-Series Disc Publishers So Popular? Everyone wants to spend less and get more. So why would you spend more and get less? Get a Bravo instead. Bravo disc publishers are the best-selling, most reliable and feature-packed units available today. They’re also an exceptional value.

Here are 12 reasons why Bravo-Series Disc Publishers are the best, most logical choice for your business or organization:

1. They just work. Right out of the box, Bravo disc publishers will be burning and printing CDs, DVDs or BDs in about 5 to 10 minutes. There’s no complicated printer mounting and alignment. No threading of ribbons. No painful software activation. No multiple data cables to connect or boards to install. Just:

a. Take your new Bravo out of its box.
b. Plug it in and load software.
c. Start making discs.

2.  They’re UL/CE listed and FCC compliant. Unlike many competitors, all Bravo-Series Disc Publishers are listed by Underwriters Laboratory (UL), UL-C and CE. The UL and CE marks prove that Primera has successfully met stringent standards for product safety – a critical feature that should not be overlooked. Bravo-Series Disc Publishers are also approved for sale in the USA by the FCC. By the way, compliance with FCC Part 15 guidelines is not just a nice product feature. It’s the law. UL Logo
Primera Box

3. They ship in a box, not on a pallet.
Refrigerators should ship on pallets; not disc publishers. Pallets mean heavy lifting and freight truck delivery. Neither is exactly convenient – especially when you need to return the unit for service or move it to another location. Truck delivery is also slow and expensive.

That’s why every Bravo-Series Disc Publisher has been designed to meet UPS and FedEx overnight service specifications. Even our largest enterprise-level, network-connected disc publisher is modular in construction. It’s very easy to move around when necessary. No pallet or moving crew required.

4. Built on a production line, not on a workbench. Bravo disc publishers are built in volume on a real production line with conveyors, automated screw guns and all the other professional assembly equipment you’d expect to see in a real, world-class factory. The result is an advanced level of quality and consistency that is virtually impossible to deliver when you’re building just one unit at a time. On a workbench.

5. They cost less. Our leading competitor charges more than twice as much for the same capacity, same performance product with lesser print quality. That’s either (a) crazy, or (b) we should be charging more. We tend to think it’s the former, not the latter.

6. They’re very reliable. It’s been proven time and again by actual customers: Bravo-Series Disc Publishers are far more reliable than other brands. Ask us for details on our independent, long-term reliability test report. Read what real customers are saying about the reliability and performance of their Bravos.
7. More than 80 percent of Fortune 500 companies own Bravos. As do thousands of local, county, state and federal government agencies, police and fire departments, military and intelligence agencies, hospitals, clinics and medical imaging centers, video production houses, recording studios, schools and universities, churches, software companies, marketing and engineering departments, MIS/IT departments, retail photo minilabs…the list goes on and on.
Fortune 500

8. They outsell competitive models by at least 5 to 1.
And probably even more. In fact, we believe that more Bravo-Series Disc Publishers are sold each year than all of our competitors combined. Wow.

9. They don’t require an expensive, on-site service contract. When was the last time you bought an on-site service contract – for thousands of dollars – for a computer printer? So why would you buy one for your disc publisher? With Primera, you can skip the expensive service contract and get a second unit as a spare. Even then, you’ll still save money.

10. Water-resistant inkjet media now available.
This is truly one of those “disruptive technologies” issues talked about in MBA classes. Inkjet media is now (finally!) available with highly water-resistant inkjet coatings. This means that you no longer need to buy expensive, decades-old reverse thermal transfer printing technology to get water-resistant printed discs.

Inkjet disc printing looks a lot better, too. Every Bravo has up to 4800 dpi print resolution versus 300 to 400 dpi on reverse thermal transfer printers. That’s a big, big difference – especially when you’re printing photos and small text.

11. We answer the phone.
When you call Primera you speak to a
real, live person. Not only in sales, but in technical support, too. Call
800-797-2772 or +1-763-475-6676. At Primera, we're here when you need us.

12. The end result is the same.
We’re not talking rocket science here. Correct us if we’re wrong, but don’t you just want your discs burned and printed by a reliable device that hooks up easily and provides you with many years of hassle-free performance? If so, you’ll get all this and more with a Bravo-Series Disc Publisher from Primera.

Bravo SE

Bravo SE-3
The mini version for short runs.

Compact, attractive and fits perfectly on any desk. Automatically burns and prints up to 20 discs per job. A CD/DVD/BD version called Bravo SE-3 Blu is also available.


Bravo 4200-Series
The fastest disc publishers in their class.

Bravo 4200-Series Disc Printers and Publishers are the fastest in their class. They feature 6 seconds per disc print speed, one individual ink cartridge, lower blu-ray prices than previous models and USB 3.0.

Bravo XRP Disc Publisher Bravo 4202 XRP
Professional-Grade Disc Duplicators

Rack mountable Bravo 4202 XRP Disc Publishers feature, one individual tri-color ink cartridge, lower Blu-Ray prices than previous models, USB 3.0 and they're rack mountable. 


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