Primera Technology debuts AP-CODE Lot & Date Coder


Specialized digital printing equipment company Primera Technology debuted a new AP-CODE Lot & Date Coder. The AP-CODE is compact and designed to work seamlessly with Primera’s AP360 and AP362 Label Applicators, including new and existing installed units.

AP-CODE installs fairly quick when added to Primera’s AP360 and AP362 Label Applicators with no tools requires. It doesn’t need a separate power supply and includes a full-color touchscreen to enter data and configure date and lot codes. The print fields are free-format and can include letters, numbers, and many symbols. Formats can be stored for later use, speeding up production.

The single black ink cartridge adheres to many substrates, including glass, metal, plastic, and laminated labels. Decap time is more than 24 hours, eliminating clogs and needing to cap print heads overnight.

“This is an exciting development for Primera’s industry-leading label applicators,” said Mark D. Strobel, Primera’s vice president of sales and marketing. “AP-CODE, in combination with our AP360 and AP362 Label Applicators, now allows our customers to apply their labels and simultaneously print dates, lot codes, and much more directly onto their containers – all with one integrated machine. Compared to hand-applying extra labels or using hand-stamping devices, the efficiency gains for our customers with AP360 or AP362 Applicators is significant.”

The AP-CODE module sells for $995.

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