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Warranty Policy

  1. All Primera products include a limited one-year warranty on parts and service.
  2. If your product is within the one year factory warranty or if you purchased an extended warranty, repairs will be performed according to the terms of that warranty agreement. This usually means that parts, labor and return shipping are covered by Primera.
  3. If your Primera product is beyond its limited one year warranty period and is not covered by an Extended Warranty, Primera’s depot repair facility in the USA will be pleased to repair it on a flat fee basis. Please refer to the flat fee rate table for details and exclusions.  For Canadian customers, add $50 to each flat rate amount to cover increased shipping costs, and customs fees.
  4. If you have an extended warranty and a hot swap warranty please refer to the Hot Swap Warranty Terms for more information. Note: Extended Warranties and Hot Swaps are not available for purchase on refurbished products.

Additional Information:

  • Repair Time: RMA numbers are valid for 14 days after the issue date. Repairs take approximately 7-10 business days from the date of receipt until the product is returned to customer.
  • Packaging: If possible, please ship your product in its original packaging to avoid damage in transit. If the original packaging is not available, make sure to use a sturdy box with at least 5 inches of packing material on all sides of the product. Please do not use foam packing peanuts. To prepare the product for shipping, please refer to the product specific instructions that were emailed with this document. Damage caused by use of insufficient packaging material may result in claim denial by the shipping company. Customer is responsible for additional repair costs due to shipping damage. Please do not include supplies (ribbons, ink cartridges or discs) with your equipment unless instructed to do so.
  • Shipping: Customer is responsible for the cost of shipping the product to Primera for all types of repairs (warranty or non-warranty), exchanges and returns. Primera recommends using a shipping carrier that provides a tracking number and insurance such as UPS or Fed Ex.
  • Repair Cost: The product’s original one year warranty and optional extended warranty covers the cost of all parts , labor and return shipping via Fed Ex Ground. For non warranty repairs, Primera charges a flat rate for all products which includes parts, labor and return shipping via Fed Ex Ground. Please refer to the flat rate fee table on our website for details and exclusions. Applicable sales tax is not included in the flat fee.
  • Payment: Upon completion of the repair, an explanation of the repair work along with your flat fee will be emailed to you. Payment must be made by credit card, company check, personal check or Paypal. The product will not be returned to you until payment has been made. Additional charges may apply for expedited shipping. A $25 NSF Fee will be assessed for any returned checks. If the repaired product is not paid for within 90 days from completion it will become property of Primera. Primera will add additional shipping charges to flat fee for any expedited shipping requests. No shipping credit will be given for collect shipment request. PLEASE DO NOT SEND YOUR PAYMENT INSIDE BOX WITH YOUR DEFECTIVE PRODUCT