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Cosmetic Label Printer & Label Maker

Cosmetic Label Printer & Label Maker

Make Your Own Product Labels

Primera LX500 Color Label Printer Case Study 

See how Breezy Quarters Soap and Bath Factory in Abbeville, South Carolina, is growing their business with the help of their Primera LX500 Color Label Printer. The LX500 allows them to be creative and gives them the flexibility to design and print a label immediately rather than having to wait with outsourcing. They also appreciate not having to invest in label stock that they wouldn't use. They can print just want - when they need it.

Highly Water-Resistant Labels

For the highest level of water-resistance we recommend using our High Yield CMY+ Ultra Black Dye Ink for the LX910, LX600, or LX610 with Gloss BOPP material. The LX3000 also provides a high level of water-resistance when using Dye Ink Tanks with Gloss BOPP material or our other synthetic materials.

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Automatically apply labels straight and without wrinkles with AP-Series Label Applicators.

  • Quick set-up and easy operation
  • Accurately applies labels to the front (AP360) or front and back (AP362)
  • Up to 1200 containers per hour
  • For cylindrical and tapered containers
  • Heavy duty
  • Starting at $1,350

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Save time and money - print your own cosmetic labels.

Printing brilliant, full-color product labels on-demand is fast, easy and affordable with LX-Series Color Label Printers from Primera.

Cosmetics and personal care manufacturers of all sizes appreciate the flexibility and convenience of using LX-Series Color Label Printers to produce their high-quality, short-run labels.  Whether printing hundreds of labels a day or just a few for a test product, LX-Series make it easy. Changing labels on-the-fly to upgrade an ingredient or scent is also a snap. Plus there are no compromises when it comes to quality. LX-Series print full-color, high resolution graphics and photos at up to 4800 dpi so your beauty labels will be striking on the shelf.
Browse a list of the well-known cosmetic and personal care companies using Primera label printers. 

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