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IN STOCK ITEMS ORDERED BEFORE 2:00 pm (Central Time) to Ship Today

Bravo II 53331 Black and 53330 Color Ink Cartridges are now discontinued.

SKU 53331 Black Ink Cartridge and SKU 53330 Color Ink Cartridge for the Bravo II is now discontinued.

Why is the ink for my Bravo II discontinued? Ink cartridges for Bravo, Bravo II, Bravo XR and Bravo XRn were discontinued by our supplier, Lexmark, more than a decade ago. At that time we purchased tens of thousands of extra cartridges to extend the life of thousands of units still in service. However, our inventory has finally run out. There is unfortunately no other supplier who can make them.

To help ease the transition into a new machine, we're offering our loyal Bravo customers special upgrade pricing on all of our current Bravo Disc Publishers and AutoPrinters. Please contact sales at 1-800-797-2772 for upgrade information and pricing.