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printed coffee pods in holder

Eddie, Edible Ink Printer – Coffee Pod Holders and Platform Centering Brace Kit

printed coffee pod

Eddie – Edible Ink Printer – Printable Coffee Pods

Eddie, Edible Ink Printer – Low-Profile Crumb Catcher

QTY: 1
DESCRIPTION: Low-profile crumb catcher for use with coffee pod kit and all existing trays.
FOR USE W/: Eddie, the Edible Ink Printer

Availability: In stock

The low-profile crumb catcher is required for use with the coffee pod kits but also works with all other existing trays. Newer printers purchased after November 1st, 2022 (SN 2221100001 or greater) may already have the low-profile crumb catcher. Use the photos above to confirm before purchasing.

For setup instructions and additional details, please visit: Coffee Pod Setup Video

Coffee Pod Kit Installation Instructions for Primera Eddie Edible Ink Printer