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Food Printer 1

Make New Profits with Eddie ™, the Edible Ink Printer from Primera

Primera Technology, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of specialized digital printing equipment, is now using their expertise to design and manufacture an automated, desktop direct-to-cookie printer for cookies, candies, chocolates, macaron's and more. Expected users will be bakeries, candy makers, caterers, food service and even amusement parks.

Watch the Cookie Printer Video!

How Does The Primera Food Printer Work?

The Primera Food Printer prints full-color photographs and text directly onto the surface of cookies, lollipops or other suitable food items. For example, the printer will hold up to twelve 3.5” (90mm) cookies on a circulating tray. Each cookie is automatically drawn into the printer one at a time. The printer then prints directly onto the surface of the item, rotates, and feeds and prints the next cookie. Different tray templates will be available for various sized and shaped cookies and other foods. 

GMP And NSF Certified

The print head and all inks are certified as GMP components. The Primera Cookie Printer is also the first and only printer ever approved by NSF, a USA-based company that certifies hundreds of thousands of items used in food preparation, including tables, cookware, machines and other devices for use in food service.

 A Crowd-Attracting Design

With its rotating carousel and clear cover, the printer will continually attract new customers while in operation at retail and amusement locations. Software shipped with the printer allows customers to send photos directly from their iPhone or Android phone to a touch screen PC. Customers can then size and crop their image, add text, pay for the numbers of cookies desired, and voila! Custom-printed cookies are produced in just 15 seconds each.

When Will I Be Able To Order One?

A prototype is being shown at trade shows in September - December 2019. We anticipate availability on a first-come, first-served basis during Q1 2020.