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IP60 photo candle ribbon 1

Pay For Your New Impressa IP60 Photo Printer Fast & Start Making New Profits!

Sell personalized photo candles at your events. 

As you may know, Impressa IP60 is the world’s fastest and lightest-weight photo printer ever. Like many other photo printers, it can print great 2 x 6 photo strips as well as 4 x 6, 6 x 6, 6 x 8 and even panoramic photos up to 24” long. But did you know that it can also print onto repositionable adhesive material? This makes it simple to offer your clients more than just the usual photo output. During the holidays, we thought we’d suggest custom, personalized photo candles. Print onto the adhesive material, peel the backing off and place the sticker onto a round, glass candle. Voila! You’ve created a personalized gift that’s perfect for mom or dad, grandparents or other special people in your clients’ lives.

 Here’s how the math works:

  • Buy candles in bulk online. On average, an 11 oz. candle is about $6.58 for the nicer ones in a glass jar with lid. Here is an example.
  • Cost of a photo sticker that’s 6” wide x 4” high: $0.12 to $0.14.
  • Total cost to produce: $6.72
  • Selling price: $21.95 - $6.72 = $15.23 profit per candle

Let’s say you have a Santa holiday event with 300 customers. How many families would also buy personalized candles with their photos? Maybe 20%? If so, that’s 60 candles x $15.23 = $913.80 in extra profits. You paid for your printer in ONE EVENT and still made an extra $100 that afternoon! Even if you sold just half that number you’d pay for your printer in just two events. Everything after that is pure profit!

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