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CX1200 ITU Shim

CX1200 ITU Shim

Roller-Second Transfer

Roller-Second Transfer

Refurbished MP Feeder Door with Board and optical sensor

This part is no longer available for purchase.  Please contact tech support to troubleshoot.  If we determine that the door has defective components, we will offer to exchange it.  However, in order to ship the replacement, we require that the defective door is returned to Primera for analysis and refurbishment.  We will ship the replacement as soon as we confirm that the defective door has been received at our service facility or has shipped (confirm by tracking number).

Depending on the problem, tech support may recommend purchasing these additional internal door parts instead of exchanging the door.

140474 - CX1200 Door Interface Board

140359-05 - CX1200 Mark Sensor

668100-146 MP Feeder Door Rubber Roller

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SKU: 668100-198R
Refurbished MP Feeder Door with Board and optical sensor
Please contact Tech Support for details about this part