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Cosmetics Retailer Case Study

A global leader in cosmetics wished to create a special marketing project around the holiday season. They relied on Primera’s LX500C to create personalized, holiday-themed labels for their skincare products on demand. The personalized labels were such a success the retailer added printers into their flagship stores around the world for monthly personalization campaigns, and it’s all thanks to the quality, speed and reliability of Primera’s LX500C!

  • The cosmetics retailer deployed over 30 LX500 units into their stores worldwide.
  • Accompanied by customized software program and large touchscreen computers connected via USB created by strategic partners.
  • Customers were able to print personalized labels with cheeky sayings and fun designs using a wide variety templates that were changed out monthly.
  •  The personalized labels created buzz on social media, increased their stores’ foot traffic and generated more sales throughout the entire year.