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Developer Support

At Primera, we love working with developers and integrators. Our products end up in all kinds of solutions for hospitals, law enforcement, laboratories, court reporting systems, retail kiosks, photo processing labs and more. From rock solid disc publishers to professional-grade desktop color label printers and high-speed digital photo printers, our products are installed and are in daily use in almost every country on earth.

If you add value with software, systems, integration or just about anything else, contact us to discuss our various reseller and developer programs. We also post on this page many of the tools we make available to developers, including SDKs and USB command sets.

Call 763-475-6979 for support between the hours of 8AM - 5PM Central Time Monday - Friday. Email for less urgent support requests. You'll receive a response within 4 hours.

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Software Downloads

Disc Publishers

PTBurn SDK v3.4.4 - 35.3 MB - Windows 7 / 8 / 10 Compatible (32bit/64bit) Download
  -- Supports Bravo SE,SE-3,II,Pro,Xi,XR,XRP,4100/4200 Series -- Release Notes  
  SureThing v5.2.707.0 - 53.59 MB - Windows 7 / 8 / 10 Compatible (32bit/64bit) Download
  -- Use with SDK Version 3.0 or higher. This will NOT work with any version of SDK 2.6.6 or below.  
  Calibration Utility v1.06b - 10.45 MB Download
  -- Run once to set drive position in registry and flash memory of robot. Calibrate the picking positions of the publisher. -- Requires .Net 4.5  
PTRobot v1.8.1 - 17.9 MB - Windows 7 / 8 / 10 Compatible (32bit/64bit) Download
  -- Robotic Control SDK only! No Burn Engine Included. Supports Bravo SE,SE-3,II,Pro,Xi,XR,XRP,4100/4200 Series -- Version History  

Label Printers

Primera Print v2.3.1.10 - 65.2 MB - Windows 7 / 8 / 10 Compatible (32bit/64bit) Download
  -- Start with the  
  -- Sample C# application with source code in DemoProject folder (the user needs to build with Visual Studio).  
  -- The current build is for LX3000 but can be changed in MainWindow.xaml.cs. There is a version already built in the DemoProject\bin\Debug\net45 folder.  
  -- Shows how to get status, change settings, and also sample printing.  
  -- Printers supported - IP60, Eddie, LX500/600/610/910/3000, Catalyst, Signature Slide and Cassette.  

Manuals & Documentation