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Donate to Blossom Gardens Children's Home in Jamaica

Blossom Gardens Child Care is a live-in center in Montego Bay, Jamaica, for children who have been separated from their parents. Donate today to support the growing list of needs of this facility.

Blossom Gardens Child Care is a live-in facility for children 0 to 8 years old that have, for many reasons, been separated from their parents. It is located in the hills above Montego Bay, Jamaica. Although government-run, it is chronically under-funded. An NGO organization, Jamaica Relief Ministries, helps with staffing and various other requirements for safely running the childcare programs.

There is a long list of needs at Blossom Gardens, but the most pressing is roof repairs. Every time it rains -- which in Jamaica is often -- there are multiple leaks in the building's roof. A local contractor has offered to fix the roof for $14,000 USD. All funds collected through a GoFundMe page will be used to pay the contractor for his work. Fundraising efforts organized by the employees at Primera Technology, Inc., Plymouth, MN USA ( will also be contributed to the GoFundMe page.

Primera opened an electronics sub-assembly plant in Montego Bay more than 26 years ago. The nearly 90 employees there will also be participating in this and subsequent projects to help out Jamaica's people. Primera will be matching every dollar raised. Those funds will be used for our next project in Jamaica. If we raise more than the $14,000 goal, the additional funds will be put towards other needs at Blossom Gardens. They are always in need of things like children's clothing, shoes, paint, cleaning supplies, healthy foods and so much more.

We hope and pray that we can quickly raise funds to put a new, waterproof roof over the heads of the precious, young children at Blossom Gardens. Thank you in advance for your kind support!