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Edible Printers:
Print Directly
Onto Cookies,
Macarons, & More.

No frosting sheets required!

Eddie,® The Edible Ink Printer

The World’s only

GMP and NSF® Certified

food printer.

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Holiday cookies


Photos, Logos &
Text & Edible Images

onto cookies, macaroons,
white chocolate toppers
and other confections.

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How Does Eddie Work?

Eddie prints full-color photographs and text directly onto the surface of cookies, lollipops or other suitable food items. For example, the edible ink printer will hold up to twelve 3.5” (90mm) cookies on a circulating tray. Each cookie is automatically drawn into the printer one at a time. The printer then prints directly onto the surface of the item, rotates, and feeds and prints the next cookie.

Food Industry Certifications

The print head and all inks are certified as GMP components. Eddie is also the first and only edible ink printer ever approved by NSF®, a USA-based company that certifies hundreds of thousands of items used in food preparation, including tables, cookware, machines and other devices for use in food service.

Primera Technology, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of specialized digital printing equipment, is now using their expertise to design and manufacture an automated, desktop direct-to-cookie printer for cookies, candies, chocolates, macarons and more. Users will include bakeries, candy makers, caterers, food service, event planners and even amusement parks.

Make New Profits

Personalization is all the rage in today’s consumer and B2B markets. The ability to offer a truly custom cookie with a personal message, photo or company logo is highly desired. Cookies are also produced quickly to maximize profit margins. No hand piping, frosting sheets or edible printer paper is needed. Eddie prints directly onto the surface of the food item. Printed cookies or other food items are produced dry and ready for sale immediately after printing.

Cookies for Eddie typically cost from $0.35 to $1.50 USD each. Add $0.06 for ink at 50% coverage and charge $3.00 - $5.00 USD per cookie. The profit margins can quickly pay for the machine.

Case Study

Baking Betty's at the Mall of America

Watch how Baking Betty’s at Mall of America Uses Their Eddie® Edible Ink Printer to Print Logo Cookies for Corporate Clients and Events. Learn how Eddie saves Emily, owner of Baking Betty's, time & money compared to other edible printers on the market that require frosting sheets and multiple time-consuming steps. Other edible printers also do not have NSF certification - Eddie is the first!


Print Cookies, Macarons & More in Different Shapes and Sizes

Eddie isn’t just for circles only. Eddie prints onto squares, rectangles, stars, and even shapes such as a Christmas tree and more. You can also print onto other items such as marshmallows, lollipops, biscuits and crackers, potato chips and more. See video printing unique shapes from DTM-Print, our master distributor in Europe.