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PTCreate Pro

PTCreate Pro

Output Cutter Cleaning Cards (Pack of 10)

Output Cutter Cleaning Cards (Pack of 10)

Magnetic Material, 1 Roll, Digital Die-Cutting Stock

COLOR: White
THICKNESS: 13 mils (286 gsm)
ROLL SIZE: 4.75" wide x 100 ft (121mm wide x 30 meters)

Note: The recommended starting knife pressure for the magnetic media is 22. This media is not meant to be cut all the way through because there is no liner. Instead, this knife pressure setting is meant to score the magnetic media so that it can be removed by hand after printing. Please see this article.

Availability: In stock

LX610 Magnetic Material is a smooth, bright white face sheet with a magnetic backing. This continuous stock material is used for digital die-cut magnets on the LX610.