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Metallic Photo Paper,  2-ROLLS, APPROX. 500 4”X6” PRINTS/ROLL

Metallic Photo Paper, 2-ROLLS, APPROX. 500 4”X6” PRINTS/ROLL

Impressa IP60 Carrying Case

Impressa IP60 Carrying Case

Magnetic Photo Media, 2-Rolls, Approx. 285 4”X6” Prints/Roll

COLOR: White
FINISH: Glossy
THICKNESS: 13 mils (286 gsm)
ROLL SIZE: Each roll is 6” wide x 100 ft (152mm x 25.4 meters)
NOTE: Please note, part number 057355 is now replaced with part number 057362.

Availability: In stock

Impressa IP60’s Magnetic Photo Media is the ideal material to set your photos apart from the competition. Print sports team photos, dance and school photos, “Save the Dates” and more. Each roll has 285+ 4x6 prints at 100 feet long and 6 inches wide. Primera’s PrintHub status monitor lets you know how much material is left on the roll and the chipped media automatically selects the appropriate color profile for the material. Firmware 1.28 or higher is required.


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