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Printing cassettes on-demand reduces errors and increases efficiency.

Primera's Signature EVO Cassette Printer continues to redefine lab efficiency while prioritizing patient safety by minimizing the risk of specimen misidentification. With this advanced device, you can effortlessly print essential information such as text, graphics, logos, and both linear and 2D barcodes directly onto the surface of cassettes. This seamless integration of printing capabilities enhances your workflow efficiency, ultimately elevating the level of patient care and safety within your lab.

Labs now have the flexibility to start with a manual printer and later upgrade it with robotics to transform it into a fully automated system, thanks to the versatile design of our Signature EVO Cassette Printer. With its compact size, labs can conveniently position a direct-to-cassette printer at each grossing station, optimizing workflow efficiency and streamlining specimen processing.

By initially investing in a manual printer and subsequently upgrading it with robotics, labs can adapt to their evolving needs and budgetary considerations. This scalable approach allows for a seamless transition towards a fully automated solution, ensuring a smooth integration into existing laboratory operations.

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Signature EVO Cassette Printer

Key Features and Benefits:

  • On-demand printing
  • Black or color printing
  • Print speeds at up to 6 seconds per cassette
  • Thermal transfer printing at 300 dpi
  • Prints on standard cassettes with 35° to 45° angles with either lid on or lid off, no
    adjustments needed
  • Does not require proprietary cassettes
  • Virtually silent while printing
  • No smell or smoke and no venting needed
  • Chemical-resistant ink — ensures reliable identification of cassettes
  • Network connectivity or USB interface

Optional PTLab™ Software

PTLab Software was designed by Primera specifically for use with the Signature Cassette Printer. It can be installed on any Windows PC. With PTLab, you'll be up and running and printing full-color cassettes in just minutes. Printing only the cassettes you need, when and where you need them, helps avoid potentially serious patient safety errors.

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