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PTPublisher Downloads

PC Software

PTPublisher for PC v2.3.8 - 55 MB - Updated 09/26/2022 - Windows 7 / 8 / 10 / 11 Compatible (32bit/64bit) Download
  NOTE: If you have PTPublisher 2.3.4 or earlier, you must Uninstall PTPublisher via Windows ‘Apps & features’ before installing the newer PTPublisher  
  Release Notes  
  For use with Bravo SE, SE-3, Bravo II, Bravo XR, Bravo Pro, BravoPro Xi-Series, Bravo XRP, Bravo 4100 Series, Bravo 4100 XRP series, Bravo 4200 series.  

Mac Software

PTPublisher for Mac v4.2 - 38.9 MB - Updated 11/24/2020 - MacOS 10.8 - MacOs 13 (Ventura) Download
  Release Notes  
  Works with Bravo SE, SE-3, Pro, XRP, Xi, 4100 Series, 4200 Series. PTPublisher automatically installs to the Applications folder.  
  How to use Discover files in PTPublisher 4.x for OS 10.15 Catalina or higher?  

Archive PC

PTPublisher 2.2.6

PTPublisher 2.2.1

PTPublisher 2.2.0 (Last version XP/Vista Compatible)

PTPublisher 2.1.9

PTPublisher 2.1.8

PTPublisher 2.1.6

PTPublisher 2.1.5

PTPublisher 1.4.6

PTPublisher 1.3.2

PTPublisher Help File-8.19 MB Unzip to Program Files(x86)\PTPublisher\Help\English

.Net 2.0 Installer (32bit)-22.4 MB (Do not use with Windows 10)

.Net 2.0 Installer (64bit)-45.2 MB(Do not use with Windows 10) (Install if not previously installed by PTPublisher or Windows Updates)

Pxengine update - Version

Pxengine update - Version MP3/WMA cross talk issue and Blu-ray

Archive Mac