High-Speed Label Applicator

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Primera Technology, Inc., a manufacturer of specialized digital printing equipment, announced its new AP380 Label Applicator. This applicator is designed to streamline the label application process on round or cylindrical containers, offering increased speeds and new features.

The AP380 Label Applicator boasts a host of features that make the labeling process faster and more efficient. With approximately 30% faster speed than Primera’s AP360/362 label applicators, it ensures labels are applied swiftly and accurately, providing a seamless finish on a wide variety of containers. The inclusion of an all-new label liner rewinder further optimizes operations by keeping the waste liner material off of the floor and winding it into a roll for easy disposal.

Key features of the AP380 Label Applicator:

Precision Labeling: The AP380 applies labels with impeccable precision, ensuring a professional appearance for every finished product.
Increased Speeds: The applicator’s enhanced speed capabilities result in a significant boost in labeling efficiency, allowing for more containers to be labeled per hour.
Label Liner Rewinder: The waste liner is rewound as the labels are applied to the container, allowing for less clutter during high-usage periods.
User-Friendly Operation: The AP380’s intuitive design makes it easy to operate, providing a hassle-free labeling experience.
Reliable Performance: With its ultra-reliable mechanical flag switch instead of ultrasonic sensors that must be “trained,” AP380 is expected to be the most robust and easy-to-use semi-automatic applicator available. Primera’s purpose-built flag switch has been installed in over 38,000 AP-Series applicators and is known for its longevity and reliability with various label types and thicknesses.
Made In America: As with all of Primera’s products, AP380 is manufactured in the United States in Plymouth, Minnesota.

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