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Environmental Policy

The European Union (EU) has developed the WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) Directive (WEEE Directive 2012/19/EU) to ensure that systems for collection, treatment, and recycling of electronic waste will be in place throughout the European Union.
Electrical and electronic equipment (EEE) contains materials, components, and substances that may be hazardous and present a risk to human health and the environment when waste and electronic equipment (WEEE) is not handled correctly.
Equipment marked with the below crossed-out wheeled bin is Electrical and electronic equipment (EEE). The crossed-out wheeled bin symbol indicates that the product is EEE and must be collected separately, in accordance with the WEEE Directive 2012/19/EU.

weee symbol

Users of EEE must not discard WEEE together with household waste. Users must follow local recycling regulations to reduce adverse environmental impacts in connection with disposal of WEEE and to increase opportunities for reuse, recycling, and recovery of WEEE. As a user of this EEE, you have an important role in recycling this equipment and contributing to the protection of the environment and the conserving of natural resources.
Primera is registered as a WEEE Producer in Europe.

  • Austria: WEEE Registration Number 9008391948117
  • Czech Republic: WEEE Registration Number 07460/07-ECZ Take-Back of Electric Equipment
  • Denmark: No WEEE Registration Number Issued
  • France: WEEE IDU Number FR304047_05DIWE
  • Germany: WEEE-Reg-Nr. DE 52121128
  • Germany: Packaging-Reg-Nr. DE5698843666712
  • Ireland: PRL Registration number IE 3147W
  • Italy: WEEE Numero di iscrizione Registro AEE: IT20050000012179
  • Netherlands: No WEEE Registration Number Issued
  • Poland: WEEE Registration Number 000006411
  • Poland: Packaging Registration Number 000460238
  • Portugal: WEEE Registration Number PT101443
  • Spain: Número RII-AEE 7318 RD 110/2015
  • United Kingdom: WEE/BX4305XE

When a product reached its end of life, contact us atenvironment@primera.comor +1-763-475-6676 to arrange its recycling. Primera will work with you to arrange for the recycling of the product.