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Maintenance Kit

Maintenance Kit

Eddie - Edible Ink Printer Tray Adapter Rings

Eddie - Edible Ink Printer Tray Adapter Rings

GMP Certified Edible Ink Cartridge

QTY: 1
YIELD: High yield GMP Cartridge
FOR USE W/: Eddie, the Edible Ink Printer

As low as $130.00
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This single, full-color GMP-certified edible ink cartridge provides the most vibrant and brilliant colors for printing onto the surface of cookies, white chocolate, macrons and more. Includes Cyan, Magenta, and Yellow in a single cartridge. By mixing all three colors it prints black as well. For use with Eddie, the Edible Ink Printer.

Note: Two different types of ink are available; one is approved for use in the USA and Canada, the other for the European Union (EU). Cyan and Yellow are identical in both ink formulations. The only difference is with the composition of the Magenta ink. The USA Magenta ink contains Red Dyes #3 and #40 and Blue Dye #1, which are not permitted for use in food colorings in the EU. The EU Magenta contains carmoisine, which is not approved for use in food colorings in the USA. To learn which Magenta ink is approved for use in countries other than the USA and Europe, please first check with your local authorities. Or, contact us at Primera. We may have additional information available that is specific to your country.